Code of Conduct

TurtleDove Technologies is one of the leading names in Software and Web Solutions. TurtleDove's enduring success rate is driven by its commitment to traditional core values such as customer service and quality combined. In order to do so our business functionality is designed to serve our customers in a hassle-free and responsive manner.

Personal Conduct of Employees

  • Employees must abide the law.
  • TurtleDove expects its employees to live by the organizational Values: Honesty, Self-Motivation, Responsibility and Quality.
  • Where no legislation or rules govern personal conduct, every employee must practice moderate judgements and possible care.
  • In Case of any doubt, employees should raise their questions with a superior or another responsible staff member.
  • We value women empowerment.
  • Discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, are unacceptable here.
  • Consumption and Influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited in the premises.

Anti-Corruption and Bribery

  • We are strictly against any form of corruption and bribery and committed to resist such practices.
  • We in TurtleDove compete for business on fair terms and solely on the merits of its services.
  • It is unacceptable to receive gifts or other gratuities from business partners – unless it is customary in the environment, of modest value and serves a business purpose.

Business Partner Relations

  • TurtleDove ensures that its service partners , customers and other business partners are familiar with the Code of Conduct.
  • The service delivery will meet agreed standards for quality, health, safety and environment at customer sites.
  • Customer privacy is respected and maintained confidential.
  • Although possibility of Customer complaints are rare yet are addressed effectively, and considered as valuable contribution to constantly ensuring high levels of service.

Workplace standards

  • We ensure proper working conditions for our employees, including appropriate health and safety standards.
  • TurtleDove uses no forced or compulsory labour.
  • Employees are offered training opportunities relevant to the function they perform.

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