Formulating through integrity and complying with the company laws is not the only aspect that needs to be focused and followed. TurtleDove is too specific with the tangible impact on the performance while practicing to abide the laws moreover on a regular basis. This certainly reflects the basic business character- Firstly on our clientele, then the business partners and even to the public. TurtleDove has ethics and compliance that is assembled to achieve the extreme ethical standards such as to prevent, detect, report and address any allegation for misconduct and compliance with the implemented clauses and standards.

The organization has its own policy that comply with all the government laws, rules and regulation that is applicable on and as an organization. The company's culture inherits the commitment of doing business ethically as well as legally. Each and Every individual in the organization holds the responsibility to strictly follow the standards and restrictions that are imposed and issued in favour to the company work culture.

This includes the relevancy to accounting and the auditing matters.

We at TurtleDove are committed to gather the extreme ethical standards in professional and personal conduct into our interactions with be it the customers, colleagues, business partners or the competitors, regulators and any communities in which we operate.

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