Database Management

In the prevailing IT trend, database administration and application infrastructure are very challenging elements. Although the enterprises deal with continuing challenges in managing increasingly complex and growing data portfolios while meeting business expectations to perform the best and achieving accessibility.


TurtleDove’s Database Services consist an highly two sectioned expert engineers backed by IT & DBA’s staff we include a virtual infra-managed team committed to understanding customer infrastructure environments and making them better. Moreover a service model that includes round-the-clock monitoring, support, administration and/or infrastructure architecture services with:

  • Deep Understanding of Your Infrastructure Systems
  • Back-to-Back Support – Domestic TurtleDove employees support live round-the-clock monitoring, Management and service requests
  • The Right Scripts – Monitoring & Performance scripts detect and predict database issues and Automatically opens trouble tickets
  • Proactive and Reactive Monitoring – Tracks and escalates issues and ensures timely resolution
  • Respect for your Environment – Your DBA performs periodic health checks and audits to improve Database performance and follows your change control processes and security procedures
  • Accountability for Results – Monthly reports

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