Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the promotion of brands or business by using Digital Technologies mainly on online or on Web and we can connect with customer anytime and anywhere.

The world is moving to Digital World and so we have to adopt the technologies to grow our Business and Brand and then come the Digital Marketing, where we promote all our products on web by using several activities like Search Engine Optimizations, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimizations, and Social Media Marketing. By Digital Marketing we can reach large number of people and can show our ads to the appropriate people, whom we want to show. It is less expensive than the other advertisements like TV, Newspaper and we cannot calculate or analyses the result of it but with Digital Marketing all problems are solved.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Geo Targeting - Campaign can be Targeted to specific geographic location.
  • 24*7 Advertising - Internet Advertising would be visible throughout the allocated time.
  • Cost Effectiveness - We pay only when it is Visible or Clicked on Advertisement.
  • Can show ads to specific group and interest - Ads can be shown to specific group.


  • Time Frame to achieve Page one ranks.
    • Low Competition keywords: 3-7 Months.
    • Medium Competition keywords: 5-9 Months.
    • High Competition keywords: 8-12 Months.
  • Objective: Main focus is to generate traffic from Google SERP and all social communities (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, directories, and more) with SMO activities mentioned above. Bring traffic from Organic Google search by bring maximum keywords in page 1 rank.
  • No extra fees for On-page optimization.
  • Excludes Content writing/ article charges.
  • Monthly Report will be sent.

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